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A point and click adventure game about the agony and anticipation of being a teen. Set in the year 2000, you play as Mara, an internet-obsessed young writer who lives on a so-called island paradise. 

Following 4 seasons of the year, you ecounter through Mara the beauty and silence of the island, the turmoil of family life and mainland public school, and an ever-evolving quest for love, friendship and experience.

In Development
An upcoming point n' click sequel to Perfect Tides about the momentum and whiplash of young adulthood. Set in a brand new urban environment, players will experience the year 2003 through 18-year-old Mara's eyes, collecting and applying not only objects but ideas and experiences -- all with the goal of perfecting their craft and finding a place in the world.

Praise for Perfect Tides

"One of the year's best games."


"A harrowing, funny, beautiful, horrifying, and ultimately reassuring work of art."

AV Club

"Breathtakingly good... an incredible feat of storytelling."

Buried Treasure

"Devastatingly honest."


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